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Holiday in Kaprun’s energy-filled place

The Margarethenstein has been part of our family’s history now for some 20 years. Even though a great deal has changed inside and outside the hotel, a few things remain the same and constant - our passion and love of being hosts.

Your hosts

We welcome you to Margarethenstein Boutique Hotel & Apartment in our honest, authentic and genuinely hospitable manner.
With insider tips from the region, pleasure-filled highlights in the hotel and a welcoming, warm ambience, we pursue our aspiration to provide our guests with unforgettable holiday moments with a great deal of commitment and thoughtfulness.

Welcome to the Margarethenstein

Over twenty years ago, Monika and Peter brought the Margarethenstein to our family - and so much has happened since then.

That we have been a family business for over twenty years is something we are very proud of indeed. We, that is, Monika, Peter, Magdalena and Anton. Each of us has our own area of responsibility, which we fulfil with a great deal of care and commitment.

Peter is our house builder, visionary and keen hunter - he always has fantastic ideas with regard to what can still be done to our key features. For the most part, ideas come to him when he is in his raised hide in the private hunting area in Fusch. It is there that he also bags the wild game that we serve to our guests.

Monika is our interiors whiz and your first point of contact when you are making your booking. All the lovingly put together details & ideas with regard to the interior design come direct from her. She is also happy to help you out if you are thinking about heading out on a mountain tour and still need tips. As a keen mountaineer she knows the local mountains well and loves being out and about hiking or skiing.

Magdalena is our Kitchen and Service Manager. Everything that magically appears on your plate has been created by Magdalena and her team. To Magdalena cooking is not a job, rather it is a calling.

Anton is our building tycoon. Together with Peter, he manages our construction company and is also happy to help in the Margarethenstein if there is any sort of issue.

And that the Margarethenstein has remained a family business is something Magdalena and Marcel have taken care of. Our little ray of sunshine Madlen Rosa first saw the light of day in March 2022 ❤.

Everyone has a place here with us and we can hardly wait to thoroughly spoil you.

Generosity, the essence of friendship

Generosity is what we understand by hospitality. And in re-opening as a Boutique Hotel from December '22 we are honouring this understanding, with the maxim "less is more": Fewer people and more space. More scope, more privacy, more vision - for each and every guest.

In short: real added value with regard to relaxation, which we offer you in the new luxury suites, the rooftop spa and our refurbished apartments.

Time for change and new perspectives

Inertia is a retrograde step and life is continually in flux. With that in mind, in the past few months we have worked with a great deal of commitment to make our home a place you will fall in love with at first sight.

Our existing apartments have been refurbished with a great deal of attention to detail and upgraded to provide a ‘lifestyle’-oriented interior design.

NEW from Winter 2022/23:
The best prospects for enjoying plenty of relaxation are on offer in our 9 luxury suites some of which have a private sauna and large panorama windows. Stay above the roof-tops of Kaprun and enjoy the mountain panorama and the extensive views.

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